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@HarnSolo has really been putting in work, and lately has been collaborating with @UndegroundCentral & @ProProspek. This video is the latest fruit from those efforts, and its pretty jammin. Lyriqs & Harn present a pretty uplifting message surrounded by young skaters down in Treme under the Claiborne overpass.

Solo’s style and sound might catch you a bit off guard a little bit. It’s unique for sure, and it may be off putting to some, but with some more polishing we think that sound could help him stand out in the sea of new Hip Hop artists.

Lyriqs is quick becoming a veteran of the underground New Orleans Hip Hop scene, and he puts a lot of work into his material as well, with a humble but respectable flow, somewhat reminiscent to Blu. Shouts out to all the guys at Inner Recess and PSP!

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